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Group Tours in Las Vegas

group tours las vegas

Group Tours in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is considerably one of the best locations for business conventions. According to LVCA, Las Vegas has more than 148,000 hotel rooms and over 10.5 million square feet of convention space. It’s no secret that Las Vegas has award winning restaurants, tantalizing nightlife, and relaxing spas. Las Vegas is a great place to mix business with a little pleasure.

The best thing about taking a business trip in Las Vegas is the tax breaks. However, the IRS may not count a wild drunken night at the bar a tax write off. So, how can you get the best of both worlds? I’m sure you are tired of having a business meeting at the office. So, why not create an experience that you and all of your colleagues can enjoy?

Shake Things up and Get out off the Office- Go on a Grand Canyon Group Tours

A lot of business owners are realizing the power of getting “out of the office”, and take their meetings to exotic destinations like Hawaii, but when you’re in Vegas there’s not that much crystal clear water. So, what do you do? An alternative will be to explore the beautiful land of the desert, and a perfect way to do that is go on a group tour.

Why a Group Tour?

Group tours are a fun and innovative way to share an experience with your business colleagues. It’s great to get out in the open air and work in a different environment. You never know, your creative juices may start to flow, and you may start getting ideas that you can share with your team. Besides being a great tax write-off, here are some other reasons to go on a group tour:

Here are some benefits of a Group Tour

Build Stronger Relationships -You can find out things about your colleagues you never knew before
Customization- You can plan a trip according to your liking and what’s good for your business
Mental Break- You can allow yourself to stop thinking about business for a moment, and take in all the beauty of the different landscapes
Inspiration- You can explore the land, and get inspired by history to allow you to do something out of the ordinary.
There are so many benefits of booking a group tour for your business. When you’re doing business in Las Vegas, it doesn’t have to be all business. A group tour is the perfect way to connect with your business colleagues and create an experience you all can cherish for a lifetime.

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October 8, 2014

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